Online Marketing: 8 Must Read Tips

For many online marketers, there is a phenomenon that is familiar: you're so busy that you don’t have enough time to read all the interesting articles coming. Now that summer has begun, thus starting the holiday season, you finally have some time to read interesting tips. But then what to read? Here are 8 tips that you should read about online marketing for your holiday.

After reading these tips, you'll have a fresh mind and full of good ideas to work on improving your online marketing.

1. SEO: reasons to optimize for Bing

Bing market is increasing significantly. By merging Bing and Yahoo search engine remains between 25% and 30% market share in the United States. Although this market share is reasonable, there are many companies that don’t do anything about it. Therefore, it is also important to optimize your SEO and SEA (acronym for Search Engine Advertising) for that search engine.

2. Web Site Analytics

Web analytics is still underestimated by many companies. Paying for some insights and without concrete improvements sounds like a waste of money for customers. But nothing is less certain. All online strategies are nothing without the knowledge gained from Web analytics. Each discipline within the online marketing, after all, is based on analysis.

3. Copywriting improves your conversion rate up to 113%

To improve your website conversion, excellent copywriting is a vital component. It’s important to allow your texts meet the needs of the user and in particular to respond to the appropriate stage in the path of the client.

4. Display Ads

Display ads are a form of online advertising through graphs in which colorful and attractive ads are displayed. Specific marketing opportunities are possible by showing visual advertising to reach the target audience with the right message. Don’t forget that, in advertising, a
picture is worth a thousand words.
5. When it comes to providing the best possible user experience, how fast it is fast enough?

The loading  speed of a web page has a big influence on the conversion rate. It’s been shown that, for example, has reached up to 48% more in conversion rate, having a faster loading time.

6. Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion

The principles of persuasion are well known in the online marketing. In many disciplines, these principles and beliefs can provide higher profitability. Let’s consider, for instance, improving your visual ads using these principles for the customer to feel persuaded and influenced to visit your site, making this into higher profits.

7. Link Building

It’s one of the most important strategies of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Google makes much of the number of external links coming to your website. The more relevant websites direct traffic to your site, the higher building online authority will be. This will ensure a higher ranking in search engine results.
8. The costumer’s path to purchase online

A successful online marketing strategy is to keep in vital consideration the customer’s journey through your site: the right message at the right time provides superior efficacy.

If some of these terms and concepts of online marketing sound "weird" or unknown to you, feel free to leave your question in the comment box, we’ll be glad to explain you.

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